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Lab Projects Photo Gallery

The technological boom did not come from nowhere!  The breakthroughs were the result of advanced science.  Now the race is on. Major colleges around the world are vying for the best scientific minds who can lead research program and make the next major discovery.

The laboratories that house these programs are not your garden variety.  With instrumentation that measures to the nano-level, the infrastructure has to be as robust and close to perfect as humanly possible.

That would include electrical power and data, specialty gases, heating, air conditioning and exhaust systems, and all the life-safety elements (detection, announcement, and suppression).

It was a natural progression for Frank H. Stowell & Sons to gravitate to these projects.  With decades of healthcare experience preparing spaces for MRI’s and Linear Accelerators, we were on familiar ground.  We have made the most of the opportunity, preparing some of the most advanced research spaces around.  Take a look.