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Safety and You

One thing that we know about in the construction business is the huge cost of injuries and, consequently, the major investment we have to make in insurance to protect ourselves. Still, the best protection is to maintain an excellent safety record. Good safety is a combination of common-sense and awareness. Interestingly, many of the lessons we need to learn on-site are just as relevant to office work and general living.

Here is a checklist that works for all of us: 

  1. Is there a tripping hazard in your workplace or at home (falls can be serious and painful)?
  2. Do you have safety glasses available to wear when you trim the hedge or the lawn?
  3. Do you make sure to properly ventilate a room before using a hazardous substance (e.g. cleaners, abrasives and adhesives)?
  4. Is your first-aid kit complete and easy to locate?
  5. Who is CPR qualified at your office and in your home?
  6. Do you know the safe way to get off a ladder onto a roof?
  7. Are your ladders in good condition and adequate (high enough) for how you use them?
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