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Fire Alarm Systems

As infrastructure projects go, installing or retrofitting fire alarm systems appears to be straightforward.  In practice, these projects can be the most challenging.  The devil is in the detail.

With the range and sophistication of detection devices and notification systems, and the intelligence of Building Automation systems, the options are endless.  Even with the best design, installation issues can be confounding.

Our experience building a new backbone in one of the largest educational spaces in Chicagoland (close to 1 million square feet) when the systems are being continuously enhanced demanded intense attention.

Fortunately, we were working with Siemens Fire Alarm Systems and Ashburn Power and Light, both top flight organizations.  As General Contractor, we just had to make sure that we coordinated all parties (construction and owner), achieved all deliverables on-time and with zero disturbance, responded to issues that arose, and kept all parties full apprised throughout.

That we did so while most of the buildings’ occupants were unaware of this major project going on was a testament to our success.

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