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Building on our experience remodeling X-Ray rooms, we were ready in the early 1980s for the new technologies of Computed Tomography (CT) and Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI). We got our feet wet at Loyola University Medical Center, working with a new company, GE Medical Facilities, preparing a room for a new CT scanner.

From there we built-out a new MRI site in the old Aero-Med building at UIC, installing extensive magnetic shielding on a tight project schedule ready for the year’s RSNA convention. We’ve lost count of the number of similar projects we’ve done since.


St. Alexius Medical Center, MRI & CT Labs

Healthcare Diagnostic Suites

Building spaces for the most powerful Magnetic Resonance (MRI) and the most sophisticated Computed Tomography (CT) systems, in tandem, was a scheduling challenge that came with lots of BTUs. The answer was the addition of three roof-mounted chillers, with one dedicated to pumping a refrigerated glycol based water solution through the MRI itself.

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University of Illinois, Chicago

University of Illinois, Chicago, Medical Center Angiography System

Healthcare Diagnostic Suites

Building the space for this single plane ceiling mounted angiography system with Dyna computed tomography was especially challenging. The extensive power demands (including a power conditioner), air conditioning and radiation shielding had to be met while not interfering with procedures being performed in adjacent rooms just feet away.

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RMC. Neuro-Biplane for Interventional Radiology Remodeling

Resurrection Medical Center Neuro-Biplane

Healthcare Diagnostic Suites

The GE Healthcare Innova 3131IQ Biplane Neurointerventional System is quite a mouthful.  In fact, it is quite a system – something to be appreciated when having a stent inserted into an artery.

The system produces simultaneous multi-dimensional internal views for cardiologists to monitor in real-time.

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Advocate Lutheran General. CT System Remodeling

Advocate Lutheran General CT System

Healthcare Diagnostic Suites

With all the GE Healthcare CT systems for which we have had to build spaces, there’s not much that we, at Frank H. Stowell & Sons, have not seen.  Still, the preparation for a new GE Lightspeed VCT at Advocate’s Lutheran General Hospital presented a challenge.

The floor beneath the CT was not thick enough to stabilize the CT adequately.  Any vibration would distort the imagery.  The solution was to add buttresses to the concrete deck from below the floor, in the space that was occupied by the Sterile Processing Department (SPD). 

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