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Radiation Therapy Vaults

Louis Stokes VA Med. Ctr. Cleveland, Ohio, Linear Accelerator

We, at Frank H. Stowell & Sons, appreciate the opportunities we have had build spaces for Varian Medical Systems TrueBeam linear accelerators in VA hospitals across the US.

That said, our Cleveland project contained a significant wrinkle.  The only way to bring the equipment into the basement-level vault was through a public plaza.

Working off-hours, we had to remove enough of the pavers and infrastructure below for the old linear accelerator to be removed and the new TrueBeam Linear Accelerator system to be lowered in via a crane.  Then, before relaying the pavers, we had to patch the water proof membrane – quite a challenge.

By Monday morning, the patients who entered the building had no idea of what had transpired.  What they would have known was that, within a matter of weeks, they would be treated in an attractive new space with the very latest radiation therapy device.

Outside of the odd-entry, this was a very typical vault build-out, and a satisfying one.

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