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Synthetic Inorganic Chemistry Lab

Science is pushing the boundaries of our natural world and creating materials that exceed the best refinement of organic matter.  Sounds complicated but think “synthetic oil”.  Thanks to some molecular fine-tuning, our engines are enjoying a better product than conventional oil.

That is just an indication of the potential of this field. The devices shown here are used for applying synthesizing techniques such as crystallography, magnetism, and spectroscopy, techniques that should lead to more discoveries.

It was Frank H. Stowell & Sons’ job to create a hospitable environment for them to operate. As you can imagine, these devices demand the best in the way of power, air quality and temperature, specialty gas services, fire detection and fire protection.

Our work does not end there.  Talented scientists require an environment that is conducive to research and to study, and we make sure that they have it.  That would include the fastest data networks and an inspiring research setting.

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